Project Examples


Here are some examples of community projects across Minnesota that need bonding support. Note – the full project costs are listed, and may be covered by a combination of state bonding, federal grants, and other sources.

Babbitt, St. Louis County – $11M total project cost
Upgrade wastewater facility and remove mercury from water flowing into Lake Superior as required by the Great Lakes Initiative.

Nashwauk, Itasca County – $6.9M total project cost
Upgrade wastewater facility to remove phosphorus and connect with neighboring communities.

Two Harbors, Lake County – $20M total project cost
Rehabilitate wastewater treatment facility that treats for mercury and other pollutants.

Elbow Lake, Grant County – $4M total project cost
Replace water treatment facility and remove iron and manganese from drinking water.

Melrose, Stearns County – $10.4M total project cost
Rehabilitate and expand treatment facility.

Foley, Benton County – $20.9M total project cost
Regionalize wastewater treatment facility to ensure long-term protection of waters.

Cokato, Wright County – $2.1M total project cost
Add new filtration and chemical treatment system to existing wastewater plant to treat phosphorus.

Loretto, Hennepin County – $1.5M total project cost
Connect to the Met Council regional sewer system to eliminate the city’s discharge to surface water.

Mankato: Water Quality Mitigation – $8.3M total project cost
Restore wetlands to reduce erosion and improve water quality in the Minnesota River-Mankato watershed.

Minneapolis: Central City Storm Tunnel – $38 million total project cost
Add a new storm tunnel to reduce the risk of tunnel failure and the potential for sanitary relaeases into the river.

Wood Lake, Yellow Medicine County – $7.9M total project cost
Upgrade drinking water supply, treatment and distribution system.

Wells, Faribault County – $6.3M total project cost
Plant upgrade to remove chloride discharges to the Maple River and reduce or eliminate the need for home water softeners.