As Minnesota begins its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting public health and restoring jobs are more important than ever.

Too many communities in Minnesota have outdated pipes, wells and water treatment plants that aren’t efficiently and cost-effectively serving residents. Some of these systems are decades old and require upgrading to meet 21st-century needs. Fix the Pipes is a collaborative effort to change that – to upgrade aging systems, support good jobs and provide safe water and flood protection for Minnesotans.

That’s why we’re joining together in asking people and organizations to encourage Minnesota lawmakers to pass a comprehensive capital investment package in 2020 that includes at least $300 million in water infrastructure bonding to replace and improve aging infrastructure and upgrade water treatment facilities.

The water infrastructure projects will create approximately 7,200 jobs statewide and generate a total economic impact of $1.8 billion in urban, suburban and rural Minnesota communities. Work on many of the projects could begin immediately pending legislative approval. The package would help restart Minnesota’s COVID-19-ravaged economy, protect public health, provide clean drinking water, mitigate flooding and reduce pollution and untreated sewage from entering rivers, ponds and lakes across Minnesota. In addition, the plan would help keep the cost of drinking water affordable for the 80% of Minnesota households – 1.7 million total – that utilize city water systems.

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